To ensure PSU has well-appointed output for various devices in industrial environment, PLUTO-D5001PJ provides powerful output with dual +12V for different IPC applications. For quality output in PLUTO-D5001PJ, RUBYCON Japanese capacitors are used to reduce current leakage and lower ESR. It helps PLUTO-D5001PJ to maintain high level of stability and reliability output for various valuable machine. PLUTO-D5001PJ also passed 50°C, 12hours at 100% loading Burn-in test which shows its high reliability. In addition, PLUTO-D5001PJ remains 80% de-rating output at 50°C which allows the whole system to work in high temperature environment.
80PLUS certification can reduce energy consumption and hence to save cost of electricity, therefore, PLUTO-D5001PJ can be high efficient and keep green at the same time.

Caractéristiques produit : 
  • Meets ATX 12V V2.3 standard
  • Dual forward converter design
  • Support Intel Core i series and Xeon Series CPU
  • Active PFC (power factor correction) > 0.99
  • Double independent +12V output
  • Power Efficiency (25°C and 50°C can meet the minimum efficiency(80%) for all loading conditions (20%,50,100%))
  • Leakage current: Less 3.5 mA-rms at 264Vac, 60 Hz
  • Made in Japan capacitor (RUBYCON)
  • Fan Control (Internal 80mm fan)
  • Remote ON/OFF Control
  • Hold-up Time in 16ms
  • Power Good signal: TTL compatible on delay 100ms to 500ms
  • Short Circuit Protection
Référence : PLUTO-D5001PJ
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