Carte mère industrielle MINI-ITX
Carte mère industrielle MINI-ITX


Compact, fanless, and no-noise embedded PC system for digital signage, industrial automation, and simple function network device.

The WADE-1120A is designed to efficiently dissipate any internal heat, eliminating the need for a ventilation fan. It is the perfect system solution for any embedded application that operates in a harsh environment. WADE-1120A is designed with either a built-in WADE-8041 board or similar Mini-ITX board as the barebone system. Its unique tool-free design allows the integrator or field service professional to release the top cover easily and quickly. Complete with memory, DOM or Compact flash, WADE-1120A is ready to go to work.

Caractéristiques produit : 
  • Integrated with WADE-8041 or similar Mini-ITX board
  • Small form factor with fan-less ventilation mechanism
  • VGA, 2 LAN, 4 COM and 4 USB ports
  • Rugged design for harsh environment
  • Unique tool-free design for quick top cover release
Référence : WADE-1120A
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