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250W 1U ATX power supply with active PFC

Référence : ORION-A2501
Catégorie : 


In an attempt to provide stable output and high reliability for different applications (communications, networks, servers and work stations), Portwell conducted a research to provide suitable PSU. In PLUTO series, only high quality components to meet those requirements are chosen.

Référence : PLUTO-A2501PJ
Catégorie : 


400W PS/2 ATX power supply with active PFC

Référence : MPM-842P
Catégorie : 


150W PSU.Active PFC.Low Noise.

Référence : ORION-A1501P
Catégorie : 


For most PS/2 ATX in IPC applications are for server station and communication system; In those environments, heat is the major cause of output de-rating. PLUTO-D3501PJ also remains 80% de-rating output at 50°C which allows the whole system to work in high temperature environment. In addition, for various demands, PLUTO-D3501PJ provides dual +12V output for different devices.

Référence : PLUTO-D3501PJ
Catégorie : 


150W fanless, 1U, ATX power supply

Référence : MPI-815H
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To ensure PSU has well-appointed output for various devices in industrial environment, PLUTO-D5001PJ provides powerful output with dual +12V for different IPC applications. For quality output in PLUTO-D5001PJ, RUBYCON Japanese capacitors are used to reduce current leakage and lower ESR. It helps PLUTO-D5001PJ to maintain high level of stability and reliability output for various valuable machine. PLUTO-D5001PJ also passed 50°C, 12hours at 100% loading Burn-in test which shows its high reliability.

Référence : PLUTO-D5001PJ
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120W universal input open-frame power supply

Référence : MPI-810H
Catégorie : 


420W auto-range PS/2 ATX power supply with active PFC

Référence : ORION-300DX/24
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GADIWA-1120 is a DC-DC converter for socket type. It normally support 96Watts and maximum can reach to
120Watts. GADIWA-1120 socket type design can save more space and cost, it’s not only capability for fan-less
system but also suitability for different application. Besides, the converter is made and tested by automatic
production line; therefore, it can provide high quality and performance.

Référence : GADIWA-B1120
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