GADIWA-R9271 is a wide input regulator for board type. GADIWA-R9271 can collocate with GADIWA-P0901 and GADIWA-1120 which are DC-DC converters; it's easily to deploy critical application. The converter is made and tested by automatic production line; therefore, it can provide high quality and performance. GADIWA-R9271 has special design for socket type fuse protection.

Caractéristiques produit : 
  • Compact and user-friendly design for installation and maintenance
  • Small size for 1U or higher system to save space
  • Suitable for Car PC, Steamer, Truck, Boat and Adapter
  • Special Design for Delay-Time
  • Socket Type Fuse Protection
Référence : GADIWA-R9271
Catégorie :