PCOM‐B644VG brings three important factors, DDR4 memory support, Gen3 PCIe support, and 30% faster graphic performance.

The Gen3 PCIe support provides faster PCIe speed so that the performance of PCIe expansion card will be better. It is crucial for Networking and Medical related applications. The enhanced graphic performance brings 4K support.

The OTG support gives customer more flexibilities on developing new applications in different usages.

Caractéristiques produit : 
  • Kaby Lake‐U is the 7th Generation Intel®
  • CoreTM Processor with 14nm and brand new architecture provide more performance
  • Seek for low profile solution but with high performance and low power
  • Support faster I/O interfaces on Five PCI Express Gen3 lanes (four x 1 can be configured to one x4 lane)
Référence : PCOM-B644VG