Intel® Cedarview based Type 10 Mini-COM Express® module with the PICMG COM.0 R2.1 specification.

The new Cedar Trail on Mini-Com-Express® is the size of a business card (84mm x 55mm). Its compact size multi-core processor N2600/N2800 +NM10 provides rich I/O and expansions such as PCI-E, LAN, USB and multi-display features.

Portwell PCOM-B21A series are designed with Intel® N2600 / N2800 +NM10 with less than 12W low power consumption and cost effective dual core solution. This product features a fan-less system capable of withstanding -40 to 80 degree Celsius making it suitable for military and aerospace communications and the environments in which they operate.

Caractéristiques produit : 
  • The Intel® Atom™ N2600 / B2800 embedded processor and NM10 platform that provides cost effective solutions with low power and dual core processor technology
  • Supports four PCI Express lanes, four x 1 lanes can be configured to one x 4 lane
  • Supports one DDR3 1067MT/s SDRAM, UP to 2GB
  • Supports eight USB2.0
  • Supports dual independent displays of LVDS and DP

Référence : PCOM-B21A

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(R).PCOM-B21A-N2800-2G. TYPE 10, Mini COMExpress


(R).PCOM-B21A-N2600-1G. TYPE 10, Mini COMExpress


(R).PCOM-B21A-N2800-1G. TYPE 10, Mini COMExpress


(R).PCOM-B21A-N2600-I-1G. TYPE 10, Mini COMExpress