COM Express Mini 84 x 55 mm




PCOM-BA01, a Type 10 COM Express Mini (84mm x 55mm) module based on the 14nm Intel®Atom™ processor E3900 product family (6W~12W). The Mini form factor PCOM-BA01 COM Express module supports on board LPDDR4 SDRAM, making it faster than its predecessor.

Référence : PCOM-BA01



Type 10 Mini COM Express module based on Intel® Atom™ E3800 seriec SoC with DDR3L SDRAM, NANDrive, LVDS/DDI support, USB3.0

PCOM-BA00 is the latest Mini COM Express by 84mm x 55mm with Intel® Bay Trail E3800 series SoC supports PCI Express, dual display, NANDrive storage features.

By low power consumption, wide-temp support, better computing, and cost effective, Portwell promotes with confidence PCOM-BA00 as vertical solution to aim at versatile applications, such as Automation, Military, Networking, Transportation, and so on.

Référence : PCOM-BA00



Intel® Cedarview based Type 10 Mini-COM Express® module with the PICMG COM.0 R2.1 specification.

The new Cedar Trail on Mini-Com-Express® is the size of a business card (84mm x 55mm). Its compact size multi-core processor N2600/N2800 +NM10 provides rich I/O and expansions such as PCI-E, LAN, USB and multi-display features.

Référence : PCOM-B21A