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MEDS-M2400 Portwell MEDS-M2400

Portwell 24" medical display is available in critical hospital environments, such as operating rooms, hospital labs and nursing stations. Featuring a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio and brightness, the monitor provide care givers with consistent, reliable, and high quality images.

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MEDS-M1900 Portwell MEDS-M1900

MEDS-M1900 is used for hospital environments such as exam rooms, diagnostic rooms, and treatment rooms etc. It also can be customized to your requirements and used in wide variety of application.

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MEDS-BP100 Portwell MEDS-BP100

Embedded fan-less system with powerful parallel computing for visual and computational solutions on medical application.

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MEDM-C600 Portwell MEDM-C600

ATX Form Factor Evaluation Carrier Board for COM EXPRESS Rev. 2.0 Type 6 Module. MEDM-C600 is suitable for Intel® and AMD® COM module.

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MEDM-B601 Portwell MEDM-B601

Portwell MEDM-B601 is designed with AMD® Quad Core R-Series SoC solution called APU which offers higher computing power and advanced graphic processing ability at lower TDP by introducing AMD® 2nd generation heterogeneous system architecture(HSA) for the medical healthcare systems.

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PCOM-B641VG Portwell PCOM-B641VG

Portwell PCOM-B641VG is designed with Intel® Atom™ E3900 Series ultra low power processor with higher memory performance and advance graphic controller for Automation, Healthcare and Thin Client Systems.

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MEDM-B600 Portwell MEDM-B600

AMD® FP3 APU based on TypeVI Compact-COM Express 2.0 module with Dual channel DDR3 SO-DIMM slots, DDI Interface, Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, SATA and USB.

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PQ7-C201 Portwell PQ7-C201

Mini-ITX Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module with Triple Displays and One GbE.

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PQ7-C100XL-CAN Portwell PQ7-C100XL-CAN

3.5" ESB Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module.

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PSMC-C300ARM Portwell PSMC-C300ARM

Mini-ITX Form Factor Carrier Board for SMARC Module with GbE, HDMI, VGA and dual LVDS.

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